Positive Change
Helping students create
Social & Emotional Skills
Meaningfully to the world

Mindfields Intensive

Mindfields Intensive is a one-on-one self-regulatory intervention for young people who have come in contact with the juvenile justice system. The program runs over 6 modules and aims to empower the young person to challenge their own actions, make informed choices about their behaviours, and create positive changes to their present situations. The student also works to achieve a self-set goal through both supported and independent activities. The 6 sessions are based around the following themes:

  1. The Change Plan
  2. Life Mapping and Taking Control
  3. Towards an Ideal Self
  4. Overcoming Obstacles
  5. Building on Strengths
  6. Looking Forward

This program requires a large time commitment of at least 2 hours per week for facilitators to work individually with the participant. The Mindfields Intensive program is novel and innovative because it is the first evidence-based program to take such a comprehensive approach to the problems of young people to change their behaviour, it clearly demonstrates theory-practice links, and it provides highly engaging materials to young people with low literacy and poor motivation. Using a web-based interface, educational and therapeutic strategies are delivered to young offenders via cartoon characters and video-role models.