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There are three steps involved in completing any of the MINDFIELDS programs:

Step 1: Pre-Program Mindfields Evaluation

Step 2: Session Program comprised of 6 to 8 group sessions

Step 3: Post-Program Evaluation
For large numbers of young people who disengage from school, problems with literacy and numeracy can be a challenge, and therefore long assessment tools can be problematic and demoralising. The assessment tools in the Mindfields Suite of Resources are designed to be brief, interactive with limited text.

The Contextualised Assessment Tool for Risk and Protection Management (CAT-RPM)

The CAT-RPM Test is a two-part, questionnaire with sliding scales measuring risk and protection across five contexts: self, family, school, peers and leisure, and community. Fifty-nine items measure Family Belonging, Involvement in Risky Activities, School Experience, Self-Awareness, Peer Connectedness and Social Responsibility. 

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The Self in a Social Context (SSC)

The SSC measures social identity, self identity and social connectedness in relation to peers, school, community, and in virtual settings.

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The Mindfields Assessment Battery (MAB)

The MAB is an online self-report measure that provides baseline measures on readiness for change, reputational status, goal setting behaviour, conflict resolution, social problem solving, impulsivity, self-regulation, and life satisfaction.

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