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Calm Kids (Primary School)

CALM KIDS is an emotion self-regulation program that teaches children to take responsibility for their actions in a practical, easy-to-follow manner.
Emotions play a central role in human lives, they help people respond adaptively to environmental demands and opportunities. Thus, the manner in which children are able to control their emotion has important implications for both long and short term adjustments. CALM KIDS is a short, 5-week whole-of-class program that directly addresses such issues. It is a broad range program that is aimed at all children aged between 7-12 years of age and focuses on four key principles for the children to use if things become difficult:

C= Calm down, stop what you are doing,
A= Ask yourself- What just happened?,
L= Look around, what are others doing, and
M= Move Forward. CALM KIDS is focused on practical learning.

In addition to this, there are teacher and parent support materials to provide tips and ideas to facilitate positive change and growth:

K= Keep it simple!
I= It’s about accommodation
D= Describe what you like
S= Set clear boundaries