Positive Change
Helping students create
Social & Emotional Skills
Meaningfully to the world

Today, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of social and emotional wellbeing and the impact it has on every aspect of life. Contributing meaningfully to the world, learning new things, coping with difficult times when they arise and enjoying the great moments that come along are all enhanced.

Students can develop social and emotional skills when they are explicitly taught about attitudes, behaviours, and communication styles that build self-confidence, esteem, tolerance, and respect of self and others.

Promoting Skills for a Positive & Meaningful Life

The Mindfields Team at The University of Queensland have spent the last 15 years developing a number of evidence-based resources to assist young people in schools and community settings to find and build on their strengths, to develop the skills needed for social and emotional wellbeing, and promote strategies for a positive and meaningful life.